Skills philanthropy

At Orange in France, within the framework of skills philanthropy which is part of the Temps Partiel Seniors (TPS - Part-time seniors) system, employees at the end of their career may donate part of their working time to a public interest organisation (charity) that works in a field which we support: education, healthcare or culture. Feedback on this exceptional and unique system in France at Orange.

"The benefit is being able to share the skills I have acquired during my career with the charitable world. We are welcomed by the organisation with open arms", says Didier who is on skills philanthropy with Orange Solidarity.

Since 2010, more than 2,700 Orange employees have worked part-time for charities. Nearly forty of them work for the French Red Cross to digitalise its food bank. Several others are working at Secours Populaire for different support missions. The Association Valentin Haüy and Habitat & Humanisme also benefit from various skills as part of this support.

What is skills sponsorship?

Skills sponsorship is defined as a company providing salaries on a one-off pro bono basis to a public interest organisation with a cultural, social or humanitarian purpose, in the shape of lending manpower or carrying out a service.

Making charities more professional

Orange Group employees who so wish can donate their know-how to a worthy cause which gives meaning to their action. This formula makes the charity more professional as it profits from skills it does not have due to a lack of financial resources.

Orange is the only company in France to offer skills philanthropy in this way and to this extent: so many employees, days donated, skills and action given straight to where they are needed within charities.