Solidarity FabLabs: Public Condition

Name of project: the Collective Plot

Description of project: The Public Condition is a cultural establishment in the heart of the city of Roubaix. It offers shared tools and means of production such as artists’’ studios, co-working spaces, a FabLab, or construction tools. The Public Condition also serves a support, incubation and development mission for project leaders in the artistic, design, social innovation and environmental sectors.

Its FabLab opened in September 2016. The goal is to equip it and conduct activities for disadvantaged populations.

The proposed activities centre around 3 elements:

  • an inventory of digital production machines, a materials library and storage spaces;
  • Facilitation and teaching workshops on digital awareness for professionals and specific audiences (schools, social centres, job seekers ...); it serves as
  • a third place to bring together actors from different horizons (artists, companies, public, social actors ...) and boost the economic and social fabric.

The courses offered: orientation of 2 hours free access, introductory workshops (3 to 10 sessions, depending on the modules), workshops for improvement and deepening of knowledge.

Project supported since 2017.

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