Solidarity FabLabs: the ElectroLab project

Le projet ElectroLab constitue en la création de plusieurs ateliers à destination d’un public jeune. A travers ces stages, le FabLab de l’association MODE souhaite lutter contre le décrochage scolaire.

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Name of the project: ElectroLab
Summary of the project: Based in the Var Department, the association MODE opened the doors of Mod&Lab, its FabLab, in February 2013. Today, it runs 4 in-house workshops to promote the Do It Yourself spirit (RecycLab, Global Project, Data Lab, Open Patchwork). As part of the programme FabLabs Solidaires, it has set up three cross-functional workshops to develop a wide range of skills for the young people it welcomes: Robot Maker, Drone Maker and Geocachecache. All of these courses are designed to help young people who have dropped out of school to develop certain skills and find out about others. The aim is to develop the potential of these young people through their involvement in the FabLab activities and to then be able to direct them towards digital training courses with a qualification.

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