Solidarity FabLabs: the FABLAVA project

Officially launched at the start of 2014, the Bratislava FabLab became fully active 10 months later. Since then the FabLab has been working to develop its community and offers introductory workshops and training for the uninitiated and young people in particular.

Project title: Fablava
SOS village d'enfants Madagascar
Project summary: In partnership with the Old Market Hall Alliance association, the FabLab has divided its project into three sections: teaching and discovery centred on the world of fablabs, sharing and exchanges where the FabLab is a meeting and discussion space, and finally education, with the FabLab as a place of exploration and creation for the young people of Bratislava. By taking part in the Solidarity FabLabs programme, the Bratislva FabLab has in particular been able to develop this third element.
The aim is to bring numbers disadvantaged young people from different backgrounds together, to unite them in delivering a collective project. To help with their training, workshops are planned on the different technologies found in a fablab: 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, etc.. The aim is to attract young people with limited contact with new technologies to the FabLab and stimulate their interest in modern and digital technologies.

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