Solidarity FabLabs: the Maker Woman project

In 2013, the Trójmiasto Solidarity FabLab created a Mobile FabLab designed to make new information and communication resources and technology available to young people. This year, it is targeting a new audience: the Maker Woman project is focusing on women. The main objective of the project is to increase and improve the access these women have to new technologies.

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Project title: Maker Woman

Project summary: With the Maker Woman project, the Trójmiasto Solidarity FabLab is hoping to provide digital technology training to women who are in the early stages of their career or returning to work. It is also aimed at women who are simply seeking to improve their skills and who would like to change jobs.

Mastering new technologies (for example 3D printing, laser-cutting, etc.) would offer them a major advantage. The acquisition of theoretical knowledge and more practical skills, over the course of a three-month training cycle, will allow three groups of 12-15 women to (re)invigorate their professional life.
By the end of the training cycle, the women will have acquired knowledge and expertise (instruction/training), to develop and fulfil their own individual projects (accomplishment of their professional objective).


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