Solidarity FabLabs: the SOS Villages d’Enfants project

SOS Village d’enfants, a charity with a historic commitment to protecting children, is now developing a FabLab in Madagascar. The objective: to support children through their transition into professional life.
Project title: SOS Village d’enfants Project
SOS village d'enfants Madagascar
Project summary: SOS Villages d’enfants is a charity which takes in orphans and supports them until they are independent adults. The last step in this process is their transition into professional life. Inspired by the development of FabLabs and the opportunities they generate, the organisation decided to create a space where young people can attend workshops to learn about 3D printing, laser cutting, coding, and more.

In Madagascar, young people are generally unfamiliar with tech-related career opportunities, and tend to prefer the industrial and construction sectors. These training options will diversify their horizons and help them start careers in the technology sector. In addition to orphaned and disadvantaged young people, the sessions are also open to students from schools in Antananarivo. The initiative provides them with four phases of support:

  • Exploring the FabLab and raising awareness of topics related to digital fabrication
  • Getting started with the machines
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Practice and group work


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