Supporting culture so that it’s accessible to all

Our work in the area of cultural sponsorship supports both creativity and access to culture for everyone, including people who may otherwise be unable to access it.

For 30 years, we have discovered and helped young vocal music artists, supporting them in their professional lives. Our initiatives have enabled vocal classical music to be made widely available. For 10 years, we have also helped young writers find their readership.

More recently, in partnership with cultural institutions, we have produced MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). These online courses are open to anyone and provide free access to cultural learning materials. They are designed to enable users to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.

Supporting musical and literary creativity


Aix-en-Provence Festival


We detect projects that would never come to fruition without our support.

We meet with the artists, listen to them, and discuss their musical vision.
With the assistance of a committee of musical experts, we assess and select the projects we believe in.

We support them until they are solidly established on the music scene.

In the field of literature, we help young authors become well-known with our Prix Orange du Livre (Orange Book Prize). Each year, the prizewinner, chosen namely by Internet users, is awarded €15,000, and also benefits from a promotional campaign. With the Prize, around thirty unknown or hardly-known authors have an extra spotlight shone on their work.


Marian Flores, soprano
Simon-Pierre Bestion, choirmaster
Nuit de la Voix, Châtelet theater


Access to knowledge and culture

We facilitate connections between artists, authors producers, distributors and publishers, as well as encounters with the public..
In 2017, the Orange Foundation is supporting 60 musical projects across France;


Jazz sous les pommiers


At, we share the wonders of literature with a large community of avid readers.

We support new forms of training which provide access to the wonders of great cultural institutions, such as through MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses, free online courses open to all), co-produced with several major museums.

MOOCs offer, over a defined period of time, free access to online courses 24 hours a day, where each registrant freely determines the time and the time they will devote to the sessions.
Each MOOC sequence concerns a specific topic, complete with videos, complementary resources, learning activities, a discussion forum and a dialogue with course leaders.
At the end of each sequence, a quick quiz allows participants to self-evaluate their learning. It’s the free and easy way to learn about a topic, whether it’s about such things as modern and contemporary art, the origins of humankind, Louis XIV at Versailles or Impressionism.

Since 2014, we have launched six MOOCs, which have attracted 100,000 subscribers.