TSARA has helped him to come to terms with his differences

It was during a TSARA presentation in the Lyon Autism Resource Centre that Carine and Nicolas, her son with autism, showed us that this serious game is not only reserved for carers.
Discover their story:

TSARA is an application I downloaded when it first came out on the family tablet in order to increase the awareness of autism among my 2 daughters (19 and 15 years old). The eldest accepted to thoroughly test a course, the youngest who gets angry as soon as we mention her brother’s handicap, quickly shifted away from the tool.


Nicolas plays with TSARA, which allows him to come to terms with his differences and handicap


On the other hand, while the application was not adapted to his comprehension level, I was surprised the next day when my son Nicolas (a young 17-year-old autistic boy with a language impairment) was playing alone with the application in his room. Passionate about cartoons and with a perfect grasp of the tablet, it was the videos and graphics that attracted him and he laughed at the bashful attitude of the boy at the end of every episode. He very quickly asked for my help to win stars more quickly in order to be able to see the following episodes. As the game progressed, the questions started coming: “Why does Adam do that? Why does he shout like that?” Thus, we were able to link the character’s reactions with his own reactions or his classmates’ (also autistic, but which he does not always understand...). “Mum, there’s a girl in my class who doesn’t like being touched either! She’s like Adam! I thought she was angry nasty and hated me! Now I get it! It’s not her fault, or mine! It’s because of autism! .”
Nicolas also anticipates his adult life by wondering if like Adam, he will get married, if he really wants children, what kind of father and husband he will be...

The application helped my son get a better understanding of the autistic spectrum because at the time he had associated autism with a severe mental impairment and violence and denied his diagnosis. It was impossible make him admit he was autistic... TSARA helped him get a better understanding of his differences and handicap. The proof is: he spontaneously suggested to one of his classmates he invited to the house to discover the application. “Come, let’s play the autistic game! You know, we’re also autistic, you and I, it’s fine!” A miracle...


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