The Solidarity FabLab changed my life

Ana, Javi, Manuel and Jokin are the Spanish winners of the 2017 Solidarity FabLabs #IMake4MyCity challenge. Job seekers, school dropouts, they were lacking motivation and ideas. Their training course at the Solidarity FabLab and participation in the challenge changed their lives!
From Madrid, Valence, Barcelona and Bilbao, they told their stories to representatives of the Orange Spain Foundation...

"My experience at the Solidarity FabLab was incredible!"

-Ana, Madrid

I learned so much, met lots of people who are now my friends. I have learned to use digital tools including a 3D printer and a digital laser. It really boosts your inspiration. The Solidarity FabLab also helped me to develop my social skills and the way I learn. The people in my class are always surprised when I tell them that I know how to use a 3D printer, and that I am proficient in several computer programmes.
Now, if I was offered a job in technology, I would jump at the chance. Before I would have been too scared, but the training at the Solidarity FabLab helped me overcome that fear.

"An adventurer at heart, the Solidarity FabLab helped me fulfil myself"

-Lisette, Castelldefels

I have quite a competitive spirit, and I enjoy delving into new projects. I had never heard of the Solidarity FabLab before training there. And it was quite a discovery.
The Solidarity FabLab taught us that everyone is creative and that we are all able to create, it helped me believe in myself. Our project is innovative, inclusive and anyone who wants to take part is welcome.
We are currently working on several prototypes, and are continuing to develop our project.

"The Solidarity FabLab, an extraordinary learning environment"

-Javi, Castelldefels

When I started at the Solidarity FabLab, I told myself that it would just be temporary, but I instantly loved it and learned so much personally and professionally. Everyone is different, we help each other, we are complementary, and the result is spectacular. People with less imagination than others receive help from those that are more experienced. Together our creativity increases, and we manage to create innovative projects. The Solidarity FabLab helped me grow as a person.

"The Solidarity FabLab is my second family"

-Manuel, Valencia

As a foreigner, it isn’t easy every day, as I’m not surrounded by my family, or my friends who can support me during difficult times.
The Solidarity FabLab helped me to meet people, to socialise through digital technology.
Technology is a real driver, I hope to continue learning at the FabLab to acquire more new skills, and finally find a job I enjoy.
My experience at the Solidarity FabLab is a continuation of how I am building my life, I not only received training in digital technology, which is essential to find work nowadays, but I also overcame isolation thanks to my new friends at the Solidarity FabLab.

"At the Solidarity FabLab anything is possible"

-Jokin, Bilbao

I seized the opportunity of this challenge to learn more about digital and new technologies. In my opinion, the most important thing is the energy you feel when we work as a group, it’s very motivating and it makes me think that anything is possible. We learn constantly and develop skills I didn’t think I had. I want to continue to come to the Solidarity FabLab, and share that energy and knowledge with my friends.

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