The Solidarity Third Places program

Set up in isolated and underprivileged areas, the Solidarity Third Places provide an alternative place for working, as well as digital training and fabrication. They are constantly evolving with our partners, and locally available resources. They all offer a new way to manufacture, share and learn with digital technology. We have chosen to support them by providing even more solidarity for people in difficulty and in need of integration: these are our Solidarity Third Places.

For many years we have backed alternative digital learning methods and places to promote the integration of people in difficulty. The openness of the Solidarity Third Places targets various groups, including the young people and women at risk who we welcome in our Solidarity FabLabs, our Digital Schools and our Women’s Digital Centres. This is why we chose to support these structures in the most underprivileged and isolated rural areas.

We provide these places with digital educational content. We also support training for young unqualified people, school children in difficulty, women in unstable situations, and people with autism. And in doing so we further enhance the solidarity of these centres.

Everyone can try out digital fabrication free of charge in the FabLab, share their experiences and skills in the co-working space, launch collaborative digital projects, learn the skills of the future in training centres, express their views in forums, etc.

Using digital technology as a means to provide integration and motivation, to train and support people at risk free of charge, our Solidarity Third Places also provide a new dynamic to urban and isolated rural areas alike.


Mende Solidarity Third Place
Gueret Solidarity Third Place
Fourmies Solidarity Third Place


The first three Solidarity Third Places supported in 2017:

  • the Gueret Solidarity Third Place, in a department with a high proportion of elderly people – called the Creuse;
  • the Fourmies Solidarity Third Place, in the Nord department, where the jobless rate is 35%;
  • the Mende Solidarity Third Place, in an isolated area of the Lozère department.