The calendar of calls for projects

In order to guarantee the exemplarity and transparency of its decisions, the Foundation has put in place calls for projects and brings together selection committees for each of its programs. These committees are composed of personalities chosen for their skills in the field concerned.
All selected projects are the subject of a legal agreement, follow-up and a final report.

In total over 25 experts are working alongside the Foundation team.

Each year, between 500 and 700 projects are selected for more than 4000 solicitations.

Current calls for projects

Domains Deadlines for filing applications Date of the committee
Music festivals in Africa January 31, 2022 February 2022
Solidarity FabLabs France March 7, 2022April 2022
Solidarity FabLabs InternationalMarch 7, 2022April 2022
Autism: social and digital inclusionMarch 17, 2022June 2022
« Orange Digital Center »October 15, 2022December 2022


"Calls for projects" to come

Domains Opening Deadlines for filing applications Date of the committee
Women’s Digital Centre (International)February 1st, 2022March 12, 2022April 2022
Digital Schools (International) and educational contentFebruary 17, 2022March 12, 2022March 2022
Women’s Digital Centre (France)March 1st, 2022May 31, 2022July 2022
Solidarity Third Places (France)March 1st, 2022April 30, 2022June 2022
Amazing Women Award (France and International)April 4, 2022September 2nd, 2022October 2022
Together for youth integration (France)June 1st, 2022September 18, 2022November 2022


Recent calls for projects

Domains Deadlines for filing applications Date of the committee
Jobs of tomorrow November 5, 2021December 2021
Villages and maternal and child healthcareOctober 20, 2021November 2021
Amazing Women Award (France and International)September 30, 2021October 2021
Autism on the theme of digital (France) September 30, 2021December 8, 2021
Music H2 France September 10, 2021October 16, 2021
Together for youth integration (France)June 30, 2021 October 2021
Women’s Digital Centres (France)May 31, 2021 June 2021
Solidarity Third Places (France) April 30, 2021 July 2021
Digital Schools (International)February 20, 2021 March 2021
Women’s Digital Centre (International)February 20, 2021March 30, 2021
Shared culture with MOOCs (France) January 8, 2021 March 2021