“To open my restaurant!”


My name is Yvette, and I’m 42. I was born in Nguelemendouga, a small commune in the central eastern region of Cameroon. Currently I live alone with my two children in Bertoua, a medium-sized town.

My career path

I left school very early, at 14. After my studies, I had various odd jobs, such as sales representative and bar manager. Despite many difficulties, I was determined and I fought to give my children an education. All these professional experiences have led me to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. I am now ready to create my business!

My dream

I dream of opening a restaurant in my town, Bertoua. Thanks to the Amazing Women Award, I am going to rent a building, buy equipment and launch my business! I hope to be able to turn a profit quickly, so that my two daughters can continue their studies!