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A clean stove with optimal combustion!

FabLab Solidaire Mamiratra  -  Madagascar

Designed by young people who were not in education, disabled or following regular studies, the Fab-Stove cooking stove offers optimal combustion while producing the minimum amount of waste and the highest possible temperature for very fast cooking. It can easily be made using the FabLab technique from materials available throughout Madagascar. It is economical and works with several types of fuel (wood, coal, cowpats, straw / twigs / grasses, etc.). Thanks to its low levels of CO2 emissions, it can be used everywhere - in towns and cities as well as the countryside.

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<p>A clean stove with optimal combustion!</p>
<p>A clean stove with optimal combustion!</p>
<p>A clean stove with optimal combustion!</p>

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Vote for the third Solidarity FabLab challenge!

In our Solidarity FabLabs, we offer free training to young people facing difficulties in their lives. They learn about digital production, team-work and maybe even lay the foundations of a future career. Our international challenge is aimed at them. It offers them the opportunity to work on a project from beginning to end and to showcase their skills and abilities. This year, the challenge involves using digital technologies to imagine sustainable development solutions which fit into our everyday lives.