I make 4 my city : A bionic hand to play pétanque


le projet
A bionic hand to play pétanque

FabLab Mamiratra - Antananarivo  

Offering a prosthesis to Madagascans who have had their forearm amputated so they can play this Olympic sport, a real unifying social force in a country where no one can get a prosthesis.

Who & what?
5 young people including one woman, all 22-year-old students, some of them school drop-outs, decided to make pétanque accessible to disabled people by designing and manufacturing a low-cost prosthesis. Beyond the benefits of sport, pétanque is also an essential means of socialisation in Madagascar.

It is almost impossible to acquire a forearm prosthesis in Madagascar.
Designing a prosthesis and manufacturing it at a low cost in the Solidarity FabLab is a solution to give these amputees back the right to play the sport, and to access this form of social inclusion... as well as making it possible for them to grasp items during their daily lives.

The FabLab equipment allows necessary movements to be analysed and the object itself to be manufactured.
The study and brainstorming stage led to the selection of the most popular sport in the country which is also the most accessible for disabled people, as well as the idea of a forearm prosthesis. The group research concluded that these movements can be replicated bionically. 3D modelling, design and laser cutting and the assembly of parts were part of the process up to its testing by a disability association.




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