Women’s Digital Centers program 2021 call for proposals

The Orange Foundation supports projects in education and health for the most vulnerable populations: young people and women in all of the countries where the Orange Group operates.




In this context, we created the Women’s Digital Centers program in 2015. It aims to empower economically vulnerable women by providing them with training in digital technology and use of software, financial management and entrepreneurship. Some women will consolidate basic knowledge, discover the use of a computer or a tablet, others will improve their CV and cover letter to help them in their job search.
All of these training courses are a key to women’s economic empowerment.

320 Women’s Digital Centers operate in 23 countries at end 2020. Over 40,000 women have benefited from the training.

The Women’s Digital Centers respond to a need for digital skills development for unemployed women without qualifications in vulnerable economic situations.
Today the programme operates in Africa and the Middle East: Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Mali, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Central African Republic, Botswana, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan.
In Europe: France, Spain, Poland, Romania and Moldova. And in India

An international call for proposals

In order to reinforce the program, we are launching the 2021 Women’s Digital Centers call for proposals, in the countries where the Orange Group operates.
Our priorities this year:

  • strengthen the existing Women’s Digital Centers in all countries, while implementing the social distancing rules required by local governments because of the health crisis,
  • for countries that would like to join the program this year for the first time, the objective is to set-up one pilot Women’s Digital Center in order to launch the program with a strong NGO partner.

Main selection criteria

The Orange foundation/subsidiary proposes a long-term training program in partnership with local government institutions and/or NGOs (for at least 6 months to 1 year). This program is only open to unemployed women without qualifications in vulnerable economic situations.
The Orange foundation/subsidiary’s NGO partner has at least 5 years of experience in the area of women’s rights, education and health.
The NGO partner has staff able to lead the training modules.
The NGO partner is able to propose a suitable environment for the training (a space with electricity, toilets and safety features such as the possibility to lock the doors, windows…).
In urban areas, ideally the training room is in proximity to Orange Group sites so that Orange employee volunteers can help.
In the first year of operation, the Orange foundation/subsidiary and the NGO partner guarantee the training free of charge for participating women.
From the 2nd year of operation forward, the Orange foundation/subsidiary and NGO partner propose a plan to sustain the Women’s Digital Centers in the years to come.

Support of the Orange Foundation

African and Middle-Eastern countries

For Orange foundations/subsidiaries and their NGO partners that would like to create additional Women’s Digital Centers or join the program for the first time, they may request financial support in the following areas:

  • Equip a training room with digital equipment using the Women’s Digital Center kit,
  • Renovate a training room in a new Women’s Digital Center (approximately 3000 euros),
  • Create and/or translate educational content for use during the training courses,
  • Organize one “train the trainers” session per year for all of the Women’s Digital Center trainers in the country,
  • Contribute to set-up a collective economic activity with the NGO partner and participants in the Women’s Digital Centers that do not have the means to sustain the program in the long run.

The Women’s Digital Center kit contains:

  • 10 Acer portable laptops, 20 tablets with Android 10.0, 20 protective cases for the tablets, 30 headphones, 1 video projector, 1 screen, 2 Raspberry Pi servers, 1 B&W printer and additional B&W ink cartridges, power strips, 1 Bluetooth speaker, 2 dust-proof padlocked cases,
  • 2 SD cards 200 Go that can be used to provide local and international content for the training courses,
  • 60 USB sticks to allow women to record and keep their daily work (1 per participant),
  • An optional solar recharging system for the tablets in rural areas
  • An optional kit with 10 tablets and accessories to replace defective equipment

The value of the Women’s Digital Center kit (not including transport or optional items) is 5508 euros.

European countries and India

Orange foundations/subsidiaries and their NGO partners can request a financial grant to:

  • Equip the training space with digital equipment for new Women’s Digital Centers or strengthen the equipment of the existing Centers. Examples of digital tools eligible for funding: laptops, tablets, projectors, Raspberry Pi, printers, 3D printers.
  • Support the creation and/or translation of educational content, according to the needs of the women.
  • Organize one “train the trainers” session per year for all of the Women’s Digital Center trainers in the country.
  • Contribute to training costs and other costs such as transportation of the participants in the programme and childcare during the training sessions.


Application process

To propose your project, please apply online: lien ici
Complete the online questionnaire and attach the requested documents.

Documents to attach to the online application by all organizations:

For Orange foundations/subsidiaries: attach a complete report of the Women’s Digital Center programme to date including the list of all of the Women’s Digital Centers with their address and GPS coordinates, number and profiles of the beneficiaries, the training programme, the impact of the programme, how the programme evolved in 2020 because of the COVIC-19 health crisis and any other relevant information

For external NGO partners, please attach:

  • Official statuts of the NGO
  • Budget of the NGO
  • Most recent annual report of the NGO
  • Most recent auditor’s report of the NGO


Submit your file online until midnight February 20, 2021. Enter the information, by completing the online questionnaire and attach the requested documents as an attachment. The files received are examined and then sent for study to the members of a selection committee, composed of a jury of people internal and external to Orange.


The selection committee will be organized mid-March, 2021.

A call for project for Women’s Digital Centers in France will be launched on March 1st, 2021.