Published on 18 March 2020

Cultural sponsorship and vocational integration: it works!

In the French Bas Rhin Department, our two strands of corporate sponsorship combine for the benefit of young trainees in the region: Giving access to culture by sponsoring a festival… while involving young people doing digital training courses.
At the "Au gré du jazz" festival in Saverne, the young people we train in digital skills put their knowledge of digital tools into practice by taking part in the organisation of the event.

Young people contribute to running the festival

Four young people from the Local Mission in Saverne have been included in the life of the "Au gré du jazz" festival to be trained in filming and editing for two months.
The aim was to allow them to work on producing a film of the festival. Mission accomplished as the experience resulted in a video: with interviews, extracts from the concerts and the showcasing of an exceptional site. A whole production that they presented in the context of their vocational integration project.

At the same time as working on the production, the young people had the opportunity to take part in the festival, to discover and discuss with the technical teams, artists and communicators. They experienced this cultural event and its organisation ’from the inside’.

Here is what they have to say:
"Hello, this course has given me a great experience, whether in people skills, festival organisation or editing videos, an unforgettable experience, cheers." Maxime
"Hello, this experience taught me loads of things about the filming and editing of concerts." Dimitri

On 30 January, the Crystal site in Schiltigheim had the pleasure of hosting a part of the festival team accompanied by the young people from the Local Mission in Saverne for a moment of sharing and talking about this original and exciting experience.




…and join the village community

For most of the year, the village has a population of about 630, but during the festival it welcomes over 14,000 people, a good example of bringing life to a rural community. The young people from the Local Mission were an integral part of that community and fully participated in the life of the village.

"Hello, I learned to communicate with the public (and to make Flammkuchen).
I lived in the village and would like to thank Marie. I was confident because everybody was nice and kind with me. Thank you." Sonia

The Orange Foundation has sponsored the "Au grè du jazz" festival for 2 years.
Since its creation in the early 2000s, the festival has put its cultural stamp on the whole La Petite Pierre region, the territory of the Vosges du Nord National Park and far beyond. The festival is held in a natural setting inside a fortified town, helping to show off its architectural heritage.



Many young people could be concerned

Access to culture is another possible means of social and professional integration for many unemployed young people. The activities of the Orange Foundation in these areas already reach out to many people: 425,000 people enjoy free-of-charge access to operas and festivals thanks to our support and this year we will be providing vocational digital training for about 75,200 young people and women in France as part of our digital education programmes.

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