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  • Solidarity FabLabs: Solidariu

    Project title: FabLab Solidariu Project summary: its purpose is to democratize innovation that FabLab Corti created in 2016. Sponsored by the University of Corsica and its Foundation, it is a tool open on its territory and welcomes diverse participants, well...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: Valencia d’Agen

    The aim is to support young people in difficulty, within the FabLab set up at the “Centre for Employment, Training and the Internet”, in relation with the local Mission, the CAP 2000 youth information point and the CAP EMPLOI employment structure. An introductory...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: F1RST

    The project aims to support young people in a situation of academic failure and/or questioning about their career orientation. Name of the project: F1RST Description of the project: the “Resourceful Youth of Côtes d’Armor” branch has been working since 2015 on the...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: El Fab

    Name of the project: El Fab Description of the project: “EL Fab” is a project of FabLab resulting from the partnership between “El Space” and “OpenFab Tunisia”. The aim is to bring together the prototyping of entrepreneurship to reinforce these two activities mutually...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: Lisungi FabLab

    Name of the project: Lisungi FabLab Description of the project: Lisungi FabLab is the response that the Francophone University Agency, through its French-language digital campus in Kinshasa, wants to provide for disadvantaged young people and women in precarious...

Working for the future of young people

Motivating underprivileged youths who are struggling at school and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Taking action for women’s empowerment

Giving (back) economic empowerment to unemployed women in Europe and Africa.

Taking action for people with autism

Encourage their social and societal integration with concrete projects to help them flourish.