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  • Au Grès du Jazz festival

    The Au Grès du Jazz festival includes music from around the world as well as jazz. It takes place in the village of La Petite Pierre in Alsace, located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Vosges du Nord. The festival is set in the greenery surrounding a castle...
  • Les Heures Musicales festival at the Abbaye de Lessay

    Every year since 1993, the Les Heures Musicales festival at the Abbaye de Lessay welcomes festival goers into the abbey church at Lessay in July and August. The festival programme revolves around the great works of the repertoire with choirs and orchestras that...
  • SantéBD

    SantéBD is a communication reference tool describing the care, medical, dental, paramedical and hospital consultations, and preventative health measures. It is primarily intended for people with learning disabilities or autism, but can be used for people with...
  • Improving the care of children suffering from acute severe malnutrition

    The objective of the project is to help reduce deaths of children under 5 by improving the quality of care surrounding acute severe malnutrition in the URENI (Centres for Rehabilitation and Nutritional Education) in Mali. To achieve this, a 21-day training course...
  • Creation of 6 Maman Kangourou centres

    The premature birth rate in Madagascar is 14% and causes 18% of all infant deaths (2016 figures). Incubators are expensive, difficult to maintain and rare in the country. The primary healthcare facilities, spread across the rural area where 80% of the people in...

Working for the future of young people

Motivating underprivileged youths who are struggling at school and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Taking action for women’s empowerment

Giving (back) economic empowerment to unemployed women in Europe and Africa.

Taking action for people with autism

Encourage their social and societal integration with concrete projects to help them flourish.