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  • Solidarity FabLabs: IQRAA

    Name of the project: FabLab IQRAA Description of the project: the project consists of creating a FabLab manufacturing laboratory in a working-class neighbourhood not far from universities, vocational training centres and an industrial area. The project is aimed...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: Formalab

    Name of the project: Formalab Description of the project: Formalab, a training FabLab in digital manufacturing conducted by the CODEV association in Montreuil, has since 2017 offered “social Brick Lab” training for young school drop-outs. The project provides: free...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: PoleS

    Name of the project: Ma6TvaCoder Digital Factories of Popular Districts Description of the project: the association LePoleS wants to create third places in the hearts of popular neighbourhoods dedicated to digital education. They are intended to provide access by...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: FunLab

    Name of the project: PASS’ City Makers Description of the project: like the PASSeport project for new skills and PASSerelle for training, the PASS’ FABCITY MAKERS is a course designed to help young people on the fringe of the education system to discover the world...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: Public Condition

    Name of project: the Collective Plot Description of project: The Public Condition is a cultural establishment in the heart of the city of Roubaix. It offers shared tools and means of production such as artists’’ studios, co-working spaces, a FabLab, or construction...

Working for the future
of young people

Motivating underprivileged youths who are struggling at school and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Taking action for women’s

Giving (back) economic empowerment to unemployed women in Europe and Africa.

Taking action
for people with autism

Encourage their social and societal integration with concrete projects to help them flourish.