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  • Solidarity FabLabs: the AJST project

    The Young Science Association of Tunisia (AJST - Association Jeunes Science de Tunisie) is a pioneer in promoting a culture of science and technology in the country. Working with the Solidarity FabLabs programme, it will continue to strengthen is mission with...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: the Young Social Makers project

    With the Young Social Makers project, the Fondation Technologia Social (FTS) aims to enable around thirty disadvantaged young people to train in 3D printing techniques. Project title: Young Social Makers Project summary: Young Social Makers is a collaborative and...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: the Young Aspies Makers project

    The Friend Foundation accompanies and supports young Spanish people with autism. In collaboration with several partners, including the Barcelona FabLab, it aims to help these young people through a solidarity digital manufacturing project. Project title: Young...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: the LCube FabLab project

    Soli’Fab is a solidarity project for vulnerable participants set up and included within the LCube FabLab. Name of the project: Soli’FAB Project summary: Soli’FAB is a project run by the LCube FabLab in Limoges. The aim is to create a solidarity project within the...
  • Solidarity FabLabs: the Comtois Champagnole FabLab project

    Taking part in building an observation beehive. This is the Comtois FabLab project, for young people who have dropped out of school, in the rural Champagnole area. It is part of the push to do everything possible to get these young people’s lives back on the rails....

Working for the future
of young people

Motivating underprivileged youths who are struggling at school and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Taking action for women’s

Giving (back) economic empowerment to unemployed women in Europe and Africa.

Taking action
for people with autism

Encourage their social and societal integration with concrete projects to help them flourish.