Autism: promoting integration through housing, training, work, and leisure pursuits

Doing things with everybody and like everybody else when you have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?  
It's possible!   
We promote the integration of people with autism into society, through housing, training, work, leisure, and sport... Recognizing all talent and learning about our differences to succeed together benefits everyone in society.

After undertaking research, the Orange Foundation funds new integration initiatives that benefit more than 3,500 people a year, irrespective of their autism disorders.



Help to create independent living spaces.

We promote the creation of independent housing that gives greater autonomy to autistic adults. House or flat sharing, cohousing, "stepping stone" housing... where the equipment and support are adapted to the occupants.  
People can have their "own home" in adapted housing with private spaces as well as communal areas.  
In this way, people with ASDs can have a more independent life.



Training and giving people with autism access to employment.

With training, support, and an adapted work environment, there are several vocations available to them. Some of the specific skills of people with autism make them especially effective in jobs that require greater precision (roles in digital technology, restaurants, web development, etc.).

We support projects that result in a job and provide a qualification, for example:  

The non-profit shop Witoa in Toulouse recruited Sébastien on a permanent contract and hosted Arthur on a civic service scheme, both of whom have Asperger’s syndrome.  
The association “Vivre et Travailler Autrement” (Living and Working Together) has enabled twelve people with autism to work for the Andros agri-food factory while living close to the workplace.
Café Joyeux recruits people with autism and Down’s syndrome on permanent contracts.

Access to higher education is not straightforward for students with autism, due to a maladapted environment. We encourage access to higher education by supporting Aspie Friendly universities.




Enabling a child with autism to play their favorite sport with other children

This is possible, as we’ve signed an agreement enabling children with autism to play a sport in ASPTT Federation Clubs.
Using a tablet describing the activities, a specialist educator prepares the child for the exercises that they will do with other children.
 All the children can play sports together, breaking down barriers.  
After a few months, some of them no longer need support.

Accessing culture:

Because enjoying cultural activities and a social life are essential, we support projects that provide access to cultural places, at people’s own pace.

And not leaving anyone behind...

Sometimes social and professional integration is no longer possible for certain adults.
This is why the Orange Foundation supports projects and organizations that improve living and learning conditions, with suitable equipment.
Everyone must continue to learn and engage in activities at all ages.

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Doing things with everybody and like everybody else when you’re autistic? It is possible!
At the Orange Foundation, we have been committed since 1991 to helping people affected by autism in France and their families.
An Orange Village is "a water point, a healthcare centre and a school".