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"Become more independent!"

Christina, beneficiary of the Women’s Digital Centre in Nexon

My name is Christina, and I’m 46. I live in Nexon, a little town with a population of 2,500 in the Haute-Vienne region of France. I never got the chance to go to high school, because I had to quit school at the end of middle school. Since then, I’ve been a maid. I started out working in a hotel, then I worked in a hospital near Bordeaux. My life is hard these days because I’m unemployed and have 9 children to raise. My husband helps out, but he had an accident and his health has been poor ever since.

My dream

I’ve wanted to get my driver’s license for 20 years now. Recently that has become my dream. My husband can’t drive any more since his accident and we live in a rural area where there is very little public transportation. That means we can’t go many places and it’s hard to do anything. Earning my driver’s license would mean I could get a job and be more independent in my daily life (shopping, activities with the children at school, etc.).

Becoming independent

Until now, I never had enough money to get a driver’s license. Thanks to the Amazing Women Award, I’ll be able to take lessons and pass the test. I’ll do everything I have to in order to succeed. It would be a huge step to find a job and finally be independent! I’m also going to continue the digital workshops at the Women’s Digital Centre so I’ll have more job skills.

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