Digital Workshops

We want to help people in situations of exclusion to use digital technology as a springboard to social and professional inclusion. Since 2010, alongside our partner charities and our committed employees, we have been organising various free-of-charge training programmes in digital technology throughout France for young people and women who often have no jobs or qualifications and are sometimes living in poverty. By training them to use digital technology, we help them to re-enter society, we teach them to search for a job, to use digital technology for professional purposes, to develop an activity, or even to make digital technology their job...

How ?

In our training rooms, the young people, for example, learn to make professional use of digital technology to find a job: online CVs, using social media, building an e-reputation, administrative registration and so on. This knowledge is recognised by the Orange Foundation digital passport: a plus on the CV for a future employer. We also organise digital workshops that specifically welcome women with no understanding of digital technology. Based on their profile, they learn the basics of using a PC or the internet, they refresh their knowledge to access their rights, search for an office job or, for 40% of them, how to develop their project or create their business. Since 2014, more than 220,000 people in social integration have received digital training in our many workshops in France. In 2021, more than 40,000 people have received training in workshops or remotely.

On the ground, as part of a digital project, the young people on an integration programme can also work in groups on a topic of their choice: producing web TV, creating a collaborative platform, etc. This learning “by doing” enables them to develop their technical, digital and cross-cutting (e.g. project management) skills. Supported by integration associations (Mission Locale, Second Chance School, etc.), they gain professional experience in the business world, in crafts and local authorities that will be a real asset to them in their search for employment. Every year, we support around 30 projects throughout the country, having assisted a total of 107 Mission Locale projects since 2014.

Since the Covid-19 epidemic, new types of Digital Workshops have been launched: remote training sessions introduced during the lockdown are now available. The workshops that have started up again with trainees physically present obviously comply with all the safety measures such as social distancing and wearing a mask.

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With whom ?

Associations like the Missions Locales, which help young people join the world of work, or associations that help women in difficulty work with Orange volunteers. Together, they train young people in digital tools and pass on their knowledge of the world of work so that, in turn, they can also join that world.

Thanks to the involvement of our employees in the Orange Solidarity association, these women and young people from 16 to 25 years old develop their skills while benefiting from the experience and knowledge of digital professionals.

What ?

In workshops and classrooms, these skills are grouped into three different modules: Accessing my rights online, My online CV: looking for a job online, Managing my digital identity. Other modules focussing on office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also available.

These modules make up a foundation of knowledge that the beneficiaries can draw on when searching for a job or training after having obtained the “Orange Foundation digital passport”, which certifies their attendance at these digital training workshops.
In the workshops or while developing a digital project, they acquire digital skills and also learn how to organise themselves, work as a team and adopt the codes of conduct of companies or the world of work as a whole.

How can you take part in the Foundation’s Digital Workshops in France?

By joining Orange Solidarity!
Any Orange employee willing to give up a few hours of their time can provide their support from time to time, you do not need to attend each workshop or even each session!
You can get involved as a volunteer (outside your working hours) or as part of a skills philanthropy scheme if you are eligible for this through the Part Time for Seniors system.

The first step is to contact Orange Solidarity to find out more.
Its management knows what needs the associations have across the country and can help you to define and organise the support you provide.

Director of National Operations: Brigitte Cahagne

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