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Diversifying the range of crafted products

Ina, beneficiary of Women’s
Digital Center, Cahul,

Ina, 35 years old, originated from the south of the country, married, mother of a girl, an artisan artist truly fond of knitting.

My Path

After graduation, I had tried several jobs, but neither of those had given me what I was looking for - professional satisfaction. So, once in maternity leave, I returned to an old passion: knitting, which is a talent inherited from my grandmother and my eldest sister. Step by step, I turned my hobby into a small business and I have been continuously looking for new opportunities on how to develop and promote it. Not so long ago, I also discovered my interest for felting (felted outfit & shoes). My last business focus is about that – making felted items and further exploring given crafting process.

My Dream

The AWA grant gave me the possibility to open new perspectives within my business. By investing into additional equipment, 2 high-performance sewing machines, I extended the technical potential of my small business. Thus, I can make a better-quality product for a better price and extend the range of crafted products. As to my future plans, I would like to set up a fully working line, from the raw material to the final product. This will open the possibility for additional work places for women from my area. As well, it will make me more independent and competitive in the region. I am also considering the perspective of broadening the sales market by entering the neighboring arena (Romania, Ukraine etc.), or even the international one.

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