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Our digital education programs are designed to address the needs of the various people we want to help, free of charge. Our Digital Schools, Solidarity FabLabs, Women’s Digital Centers welcome young people and women in difficulty who don’t have access to the education or training they need: children in schools without books, early-school leavers and young people without qualifications, women without qualifications and without resources.

Digital educational content is at the heart of these programs which are all based on three pillars: support (via specialized associations, Orange volunteers, etc.), digital equipment (tablets, memory cards, projector, computers, digital manufacturing tools, etc.), and this digital content.

By creating the Educational Library, we have brought together a large amount of copyright-free content online to benefit all players in digital solidarity (digital trainers, managers of extracurricular associations, managers of training courses involved in social and professional integration, volunteers committed to digital inclusion, etc.).

It includes two distinct resource areas:

  • The first area is that of digital support with content intended for learners with themes such as finding work or becoming familiar with internet basics. Content dedicated to improving the skills of the mediators themselves is also available.
  • The second is a space for courses, exercises and assessment in the main school subjects for teachers of schools in Africa without books, as well as educational support associations in France.


Discover the Educational Library


La Bibliothèque Pédagogique


In addition to providing a documentary base, we want the Educational Library to be a ‘third place’ for collaboration, an enjoyable place where everyone can consult and publish documents and create bridges with other players involved in solidarity. This is why it has a publishing interface and a Forum space to allow all players in digital and educational inclusion to post content and share their experience.

Access to the library is entirely free and open to all

Users can publish any type of copyright-free content (office files, images, videos, sounds, zip documents, etc.) and media (computer, smartphone, tablet).
It works based on the following principle:

  • Unregistered users can view the documents, download them and view the discussions on the forum.
  • Registered users, on the other hand, can also contribute to the library by submitting resources (validated by an editorial committee before publication) and access all the publication features of the forum.

The brand new space will continue to grow over the months to come.
The Educational Library is the focal point of all our solidarity programs and our desire to contribute to equal social and professional opportunities through digital inclusion.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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