Electronic clothing

The 4th Solidarity FabLabs challenge!

Ongola FabLab, Yaounde  -  Cameroon

Combining aspects of healthcare, fashion and safety, these garments incorporate electronics to provide light, measure body temperature, and geo-locate the wearer. Three young people aged 23 to 35 assisted by a stylist used the FabLab's equipment (including the milling machine, Arduino printer and Raspberry Pi) for 6 months to make three electronic garments: a bright police officer's jacket that highlights their presence to motorists, a shirt that displays your body temperature to prevent illnesses, and a stage outfit. Work continues with a garment that senses your heartbeat to warn about strokes.



The project in photos



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Since 2015, we have offered free training in our Solidarity FabLabs to young people leading difficult lives. In the FabLabs they learn digital manufacturing, teamwork and perhaps a future trade. Our international challenge is aimed at them. It allows them to use our FabLabs to develop a project from A to Z and show everything they are capable of doing today. This year, it is all about using digital technology to devise and produce creations for the worlds of fashion, design and the arts.