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Health and Autism


Our history of support for autism.

We have been helping people with autism, their families, and professionals since 1991. The Foundation’s first grants towards research and information have enabled major scientific advances.

Today we promote the education and inclusion of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through two programs:

  • The Autism and Digital program

Promoting the use of digital technologies to make it easier for autistic people to learn and be independent. Providing content for professionals, families and people with autism.

  • The Inclusion program

Offering support and solutions for housing, training, work, and leisure. The aim of this program is to improve living conditions, train professionals, and support families.

The VA “Volunteers for people with Autism” association was founded in 1992, for Orange employees to become involved on a charitable basis with this cause, and to help fund holiday stays: https://www.autisme.fr/ (in french)

Water, education and healthcare in the Villages

Where life’s essentials are lacking, we help provide access to education and healthcare in remote African villages. We build a water supply point and a health center. Children can go to school in buildings that we construct or refurbish. This means we have made a concrete contribution to improving living conditions for more than 500,000 people, having equipped and supported more than 100 villages and 50 initiatives to improve maternal and child health since 2014.

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Doing things with everybody and like everybody else when you’re autistic? It is possible!
At the Orange Foundation, we have been committed since 1991 to helping people affected by autism in France and their families.
An Orange Village is "a water point, a healthcare centre and a school".