From a housewife to a businesswoman

Natalia, beneficiary of Women’s Digital Center, Singerei, Moldova

My name is Natalia and I’m 41. Married, mother of 2 boys.

My Career Path

I got higher education in law. But after two maternity leaves, I could not return to work, because there is need for specialized retraining. The field of law is very competitive and my chances of re-entering the domain were very low.
That is why, in the last 2-3 years, I was looking for a business which would keep me both active and pleased, but would also ensure a financial mean. I had a lot of business ideas, unfortunately all were unsuccessful. Upon the completion of the WDC course on Entrepreneurship & Digital Education, I managed to identify what would bring me both pleasure and stable income: Apitherapy.

My Project

My small business involves treatment procedures through Apitherapy, Sports & Recreation.
In a green area that belongs to my family, I have arranged an open space for rest in a natural and rustic environment, where the risks of virus infection are minimized, where people can walk, recreate, play and serve a snack, etc.
Besides, thanks to AWA grant, two Apitherapy houses were designed, produced and already installed in this natural landscape. The first season of "bee therapy" will begin in the spring of 2022. Here people will be able to improve their health, recover both physically and psychologically. Apitherapy works effectively for those who need to recover from stress, fatigue, illness and anxiety. Today’s challenges prove once again that Apitherapy is an excellent alternative for many people who have survived COVID infection, but whose health is severely impaired and need long-term recovery.
This Apitherapy project has helped me successfully adapt and expand my business. It will also contribute to the honorable service of "my client" by improving the social health of people in urban areas.

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