"More than anything I want to earn a living from my passion"

Véronique, founder of Handistraction

My name is Véronique, and I’m 46.
For over 25 years, I worked as a educator for people with disabilities in Lyon. Over the years, this experience taught me that it was hard to pursue a leisure activity if you have a disability.

My commitment

Two years ago, in 2014, I decided to start up an NGO called Handistraction to allow people with disabilities to enjoy leisure activities. I put lots of energy into this project but unfortunately I can’t make enough to get by. Today, my only income comes from the minimum income payment, and I can’t claim it any longer. While I’m optimistic, and passionate about what I do, it’s taking a real psychological toll on me.

My dream

Today, more than anything I want to earn a living from my passion and expand Handistraction. That’s why I turned to the CIDFF [information centre for women’s and family rights] and the Women’s Digital Centre. The support of the Amazing Women Award will enable me to buy equipment. I’ll also be able to meet and share experiences with other committed people! Despite a difficult start, I hope with all my heart that I can make Handistraction grow and help people with disabilities.

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