Museums: developing and disseminating new ways for everyone to access culture

The Orange Foundation and cultural institutions are partnering to make culture more accessible for everyone and to promote museum collections.
To reach a wider public and develop audience tastes for cultural works and events, the Foundation is creating new educational and digital tools, for learning independently or training as a group.


We produce MOOCs, online courses open to all, in partnership with museums and centers for art, so that people can learn for free, and more easily at their own pace, from home.

Open to all ages and all levels of knowledge, our Cultural MOOCs provide access to the riches of major cultural institutions, with courses for instance on modern and contemporary art, Impressionism, the origins of humanity, Louis XIV at Versailles, comic books, Hip Hop, orchestras, and plenty more.

Each sequence develops a specific topic, with videos, additional resources, entertaining learning activities, discussion forums, and so on. At the end of each sequence there is a quiz enabling participants to evaluate their own performance and obtain a completion certificate.

More than 250,000 people have signed up for the MOOCs since 2014.

Applying the same principles as the Cultural MOOCs, our Nuggets of culture offer original, topic-based courses that can be completed in 45 minutes.

Every month a free online conference is moderated by an art historian.
These are an opportunity to learn and share with other participants, on topics as varied as heroes, music in art, cursed artists, and more.
The conferences are recorded and can be viewed on demand.

Learning together, and sharing

Our Bubbles of culture and our “1 hour with...” Guides are activities designed for participants with limited knowledge of art history.
They are an entertaining and creative facility for teachers, moderators and activity leaders wanting to explore historical or artistic topics with their groups.

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Developing and disseminating new ways for everyone to access culture.