"My dream: to open a café bookshop!"

Marianne, beneficiary of the Digital Centre in Marck

My name is Marianne Legrand, and I’m 52. I live in Auchel, a small rural town near Marck, Hauts-de-France. I have been volunteering in the medical sector since I was a teenager. I’ve always been interested in helping people and providing a service. After completing my baccalaureate, the logical next step was to study at a nursing school to continue along this path and create a career.

My career path

I soon left school to become a nursing assistant. I also met my husband and we had two children. Unfortunately things don’t always run smoothly, and a workplace accident in 2004 meant that I had to leave the medical sector. My marriage suffered as a result and my husband and I divorced a few months later.

My dream

I now want to dedicate myself to my dream, which is to open a “book bar”, a warm and friendly place. I have loved reading since I was little but I’ve never had enough time to fully dedicate myself to it. I know that now is the right time and thanks to the Women’s Digital Centre training, I’m learning about the basics of creating a company, which will be vital before opening the café bookshop!
The Amazing Women Award will really help. I will be able to buy a car to travel and start my business without getting into debt! I have been dreaming about opening this café bookshop for 10 years, it’s the start of a wonderful adventure!

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