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“My dream? To open a tailoring workshop!”

Yvette, digital and inclusive
tailor in Saint-Denis

My name is Yvette, and I’m 52. I work as a self-employed tailor in Saint-Denis, La Réunion. I have two children with my husband, one of whom is severely disabled after contracting a disease in hospital. Since then we have fought to improve his quality of life.

My commitment

I was lucky to make a career out of my passion - sewing. I was able to chat with the parents and relatives of disabled people. Each time, they told me that it is difficult to find clothes which are attractive and practical for disabled people. I therefore decided to create a clothing line adapted to their needs.

My dream

My dream is to be able to open a tailoring workshop and create accessible made-to-measure clothing, in the same spirit of solidarity. This project is in collaboration with another sewing professional. Thanks to the Amazing Women Award grant, I’ll be able to fund my workshop and purchase equipment. I am also receiving training at the future Kaz Fambrik Women’s Digital Centre to learn about digital technology!

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