Published on 09 December 2019

The GarageLabs take the Solidarity FabLabs to school in Spain

Our Solidarity FabLabs programme is run by associations in 16 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.The aim is to remotivate underprivileged young people and school dropouts, teaching them digital manufacturing and preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow. In Spain for the past four years with the Orange Foundation, the Solidarity FabLabs have taken their digital equipment inside the classroom... and the results look promising.




The #GarageLab programme is run by “Empieza por Educar” and the Orange Foundation Spain in Second Chance schools and vocational training institutes. They provide courses in digital training, basic professional training (Formación Profesional Basica) as well as the spirit of the makers movement unique to our Solidarity FabLabs.


  • more than 750 young people, who have left or were on the verge of leaving school, have produced digital projects,
  • more than 100 teachers have incorporated digital manufacturing and active pedagogy into their teaching,
  • 11 centres throughout the country take part in the programme

In each school, a GarageLab classroom is fitted with digital manufacturing equipment and is led by teachers training young people to use digital technology with innovative pedagogical techniques. With digital technology and rapid prototyping, young people struggling within the standard educational system can learn in a new community. Interested in new technology, the collaborative spirit and the notion of making something, their perception of school has changed dramatically.

An impact study concluded that the new learning process allows young people to achieve better results at school. The school dropout rate has been reduced by 12%. Student motivation has also improved by 60%!






For more information about the GarageLabs go to the Orange Foundation Spain website.