Published on 31 December 2019

Women’s Digital Centres: women’s voices in support of other women

In our Women’s Digital Centres, we offer digital training workshops to help women access employment opportunities. In France, with the support of the French Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (ADIE), we have brought together expert advice and testimonials from women who made it as entrepreneurs. Two vital series, to answer the questions of disadvantaged women.

Accessing employment opportunities requires an understanding of how companies work. Who better to talk about this than women who own a company themselves? Or women who have set off on their own and want to share their experience?

Exclusive content aimed at women

The “Expert voices” series is organized around advice from Coaches. Three different takes.

Noellyne Bernard, a narrative coach who supports people setting up companies.

Topics include: work-life balance, confidence, and the need to question yourself.

Valérie Rocoplan, founder of Talentis.

Thanks to her personal experience, Valérie understands what women entrepreneurs go through. They may face greater scrutiny, stereotypes, personal obstacles and sometimes outright discrimination. This is why support is so important.

Gersende Bado, coach working in human resources.

Her goal is to help women understand themselves.
For her, the key words for entrepreneurs are: energy, passion, conviction. In a nutshell, finding meaning in what you’re doing.
The power of these encounters, within this programme, helps participants to step outside their comfort zone and draw deep, revealing their strength and always seeking ways of improving in future.

This “I made it” series also includes videos which tell the story of three different businesswomen.


Christelle Bassega, launched a catering business, inspired by her flavoursome dishes.

Her rallying cry is “know what you want”. She has shown that it is possible to run a business as well as being a single mother. Doing so has enabled her to share her skills with her son and explain her project to him.

Jessy Mandilou, businesswoman and founder of Purpose.

Jessy felt the need to prove herself, and justify her desire to run her own business, in particular to her family.
She did not choose the path most travelled, but that choice was vindicated when she won a CREADIE award. The prize, which highlighted her success, helped her to convince her loved ones that she had made the right decision.

Natina Karamoko, founder of Fookeat.

She kept being told that what she wanted was “mission impossible”, but she responded by setting up her own business. Natina discusses the issue of money, which can be a significant challenge. That is why she recommends forging ties or asking for support from organizations such as our Women’s Digital Centres.
For her, the path to success involved spending a lot of time discussing her project, and she used her contacts to launch her business.

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