Published on 08 April 2020

Africa and the Middle East: emergency action to save lives

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic throughout Africa has led many to fear for the worst. The Orange Foundation has sent its local Foundations in Africa and the Middle East protective equipment and money for staple items. The assistance comes in addition to contributions from the Orange Foundations and Group subsidiaries in the 17 countries whose healthcare infrastructure remains fragile in the face of the pandemic. While their efforts will be unable to stop the epidemic, they will save lives.

Protective kits for all countries

The Orange Foundation has assembled kits containing staple items ordered from China and will send them to the 17 countries within the next few weeks. Every local Foundation will receive a kit containing 30,000 masks, 30,000 pairs of gloves and 30,000 bottles of hand sanitiser. The kits are intended for caregivers and those on the front line to protect against the virus.



Resources for locally developed solutions

Each of the local Orange Foundations can define and take the most appropriate emergency action according to the situation and needs of the country:

  • Choose which medical equipment to order for healthcare facilities (gowns, visors, goggles, medical thermometers, respirators).
  • Organise prevention, protection and care in the field. These efforts include assistance for the underprivileged who suffer from isolation and poverty exacerbated by the lockdown and prevented from working.

All these initiatives have been taken in coordination with the local health authorities and NGOs.

Each of the 17 countries will receive equal aid

The 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East where Orange operates will each receive financial aid and equipment within the coming weeks, worth a total of €120,000 per country. The Orange Foundation’s act of solidarity comes in addition to initiatives taken by the local Orange subsidiaries in the countries.