Published on 01 April 2020

Coronavirus: Orange sets-up 8 million euro crisis fund in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

As part of efforts to contain the Covid-19 epidemic, Orange has allocated an additional three million euros to the Orange Foundation. This special fund will be used to support a variety of healthcare and preventive initiatives, and to provide essential supplies in all countries in which the Group is present. The decision to allocate this additional funding was taken by Orange’s Executive Committee and supplements contributions of five million euros already committed by Orange Foundations in countries in Europe and the Africa and Middle East region.




In Africa, each country in which Orange is present will receive protective equipment (masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, glasses, overalls, etc.) as well as a specific allocation for sourcing medical equipment to support NGOs and local health authorities in their crisis actions. A total fund of 2.5 million euros will be made available for the Africa-Middle East region, in addition to the three million euros already committed by the countries.





In France, the Orange Group will increase its support for healthcare professionals, patients and research institutions with a donation of 500,000 euros to the Fondation Hôpitaux de France. This is in addition to the previously announced 150,000 euro donation that was split equally between the AP-HP, the Red Cross and the Fondation Hôpitaux de France.

In Europe, a 200,000 euro fund will be used to support various crisis initiatives via the Orange Foundations present in each country. This builds on the one million euros that have already been committed by these Foundations.

Through its Solidarity FabLabs, the Orange Foundation will also support an initiative to use digital tools to manufacture reusable protective visors for healthcare staff in hospitals. This initiative was first launched by the six Solidarity FabLabs in Tunisia, in partnership with the Health Ministry, in order to meet high demand by local health services. The initiative is now being extended to other countries. Supplementary financial assistance will be provided the 40 FabLabs involved in this program to help them buy the raw materials necessary for the production of 20,000 certified visors. Production has started in France and Tunisia and the visors are distributed in local hospital structures.




The entire Orange Group, present in 26 countries, has mobilized itself in order to contribute in the best possible way to efforts to manage this global health crisis.