Published on 22 September 2020

Digital Schools in Romania: Digitaliada



More than 30,000 pupils, teachers and parents from Romania started this week the 2020-2021 school year on the Digitaliada "Online learning and testing" platform, a free school management system that offers users free access to dedicated modules for tests, homework, video conferencing and activity reports.

In addition to this interactive and unique platform in Romania, more than 6,000 students from the 50 rural schools included in the Digitaliada program will study in fully equipped digital labs with more than 1,900 tablets and another 120 IT devices.

Moreover, in order to support even more the process of online learning, Orange customers benefit from free internet traffic during the 2020-2021 school year. The benefit is applicabile for accessing the interactive platform "Online learning and testing", but also the materials available on, in total more than 2000 educational resources.

A crucial help in times like never before

The Digitaliada program is the leader of digital education in Romania, with 4 years of experience in implementing digital methods in the teaching-learning-assessment process in the classroom. Digitaliada’s pioneering and experience made the forced transition to distance learning less stressful for Digitaliada teachers who were already familiar with the platform and the use of digital methods.

"The difficult school year that we have faced in the past months proved that Digitaliada is a program that anticipated in the correct manner the necesity and utility of introducing digital methods in the teaching process. The teachers who are part of our program, have been prepared to adapt to the new context since day zero of school suspension. Now we are entering a new school year with a consolidated experience, but also more creative and ready to help all teachers in Romania to continue digital teaching in the classroom or remote”, declared Dana Deac, President of the Orange Foundation.

The Digitaliada "Online learning and testing" platform is in Romanian, permanently free and can be used on any type of equipment. At the moment, there are already over 150 lessons and 1,200 exercises and problems for mathematics, but the content is constantly enriched. Also, in the Test Library, teachers, parents and students can use over 1000 tests for various subjects, all materials created by teachers. The platform also offers a free video conferencing module, useful for organizing online courses. The free webinars dedicated to the “Online Learning and Testing” platform will continue throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

"The impact of Digitaliada is great: first of all it is a challenge to overcome, to get out of your comfort zone so you can develop professionally. In the same time, you grow from a personal point of view by developing relationships and establishing connections with teachers from other schools." says one of the more than 1,000 teachers trained in digital teaching in the project.

In addition to the “Online Learning and Testing” platform, on there are available over 2000 other digital educational resources (semestrial tests and evaluations, video tutorials, resources submitted by teachers from all over the country in the #Digitaliada contest, digital teaching guides). They were created to develop and assess students’ competencies for secondary and primary education and can be used free of charge by any pupil, parent or teacher.



2.6 milion € investment in the flagship program for digital education in Romania

Digitaliada is a digital education program carried out with the approval of the Ministry of National Education, aiming to encourage the use of technology in the classroom in order to improve school performance in pre-university education.

Anyone interested in teaching and learning with the help of digital technology can access free of charge, the online platform and can apply to the #Digitaliada digital materials contest, which encourages the development of educational materials in Romanian.

In order to prepare students for the opportunities of the future, the Orange Foundation has invested so far 2.6 million euros in the five editions of Digitaliada.