Published on 10 December 2020

The Kinshasa Solidarity FabLab’s smart basin

Where’s the project now?

In 2019, four young people in training at the Lisungi FabLab - Eric Heri, Rey Badosanya, Serge Paluku and Steve Liyaki - won the prize in our International Solidarity FabLabs Challenge for their smart basin project. With Fabmanager Arnaud Nedati, the young people found a solution to a sanitation problem in their own town. Since then, because of COVID, the smart basin, which avoids the possibly contaminated contact of traditional basins, has become a particularly appropriate solution for limiting contagion: all the kits developed by the young FabLab students make washing and disinfecting your hands safer.
Among their creations are the BOPETO KIT smart hand-washing units, as well as the DASHA automatic hand-gel distributors.

The future of the project

After testing the kits at a number of facilities, the next stage of the project is to commercialise the various product models, particularly the domestic kits to the general public. A project that has proved its potential and which - in these times - is responding to an international problem.

Where are the young Solidarity FabLab students now?

The young graduates embarking on this adventure have set up the startup, NTIC BUSINESS, supported by the progress of their project... and by coaching and €10,000 of funding from the Orange Foundation. Their brand-new startup is focusing on developing software, producing electronic/IT equipment and supporting companies in deploying and migrating to smart systems.