Published on 10 April 2020

Orange Foundation Moldova turns 10

The Orange Foundation Moldova celebrates its 10th birthday with its beneficiaries, partners and Orange employees.
An opportunity to showcase the actions it leads to improve living conditions in the country.

Improving the lives of 400,000 people

"The projects of the Orange Foundation Moldova have a major and long-lasting impact on the development of society. The actions taken to provide long-term support for people and projects are helping to build a future here in Moldova", explains Julien Ducarroz, CEO of Orange Moldova.

Over the past 10 years, the Orange Foundation Moldova has helped about 400,000 local people:

  • thousands of students have access to a modern digital infrastructure,
  • hundreds of young people receive grants to help them pursue their studies,
  • thousands of children are born into the world in safer circumstances,
  • hundreds of women have managed to start their own business
  • and dozens of teachers contribute to creating a high quality educational system.

In this way, the foundation is helping to make Orange Moldova a digitally and socially responsible operator in three key areas: digital education, social assistance and culture.




Education is the priority

Digital education is the priority: the projects implemented under the aegis of the Orange Digital School guarantee access for thousands of students and teachers to a modern infrastructure, professional expertise and a high quality education in the field of information technologies.
The class of the future, STEM grants for IT teachers in rural areas and Orange Wi-Fi Cafe are some of the major projects in the field of education.

Modernising the healthcare system

We also undertake projects to provide access to high quality medical services by equipping medical institutions with high performance devices. For example, the tomography machine donated to the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, completely fitting out and equipping the Mother and Child Institute, renovating the paediatrics department at the Balti municipal clinic and hospital, a Roentgen machine (the first machine of its kind to be installed in Europe), etc.

Helping the most underprivileged to integrate

Thanks to the grants offered by the Orange Foundation, 400 young people from socially vulnerable families have succeeded in finding a job and entering the labour market.
4,500 women have been given the opportunity to live better lives without violence thanks to the project "Women act and win".

Encouraging the commitment of Orange employees

Every year, 10% of Orange employees in Moldova are involved in volunteer work. Launched in December 2010 as part of the corporate social responsibility strategy, the volunteer programme has been reinforced and grown into an entity with a comprehensive programme, a well-established action plan and the symbolic title "We Care".