Published on 22 October 2020

What are Solidarity FabLabs? We explain everything via live video on 5 November at 5:30pm!

FabLabs have existed for several years across all continents, but the Orange Foundation decided to make them a solidarity initiative in 2014. Why? How? Who for? This unique broadcast will explain Solidarity FabLabs and how they use digital in a developing society.

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A professional training programme unlike any other!

Since 2014, we have supported young people without qualifications or a job at our Solidarity FabLabs. As part of a group and at no cost, they can learn to use digital manufacturing to devise and create increasingly clever inventions. The FabLabs represent an alternative, welcoming and innovative learning environment to help young people grow in confidence and discover their talents.
We support 129 Solidarity FabLabs to give these young people another chance to get back into work, outside the traditional routes.


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 Solidarity FabLabs at the heart of societal development

Our Solidarity FabLabs offer new responses to issues relating to training, but also short and local supply chains, recycling, environmental protection, solidarity, etc.
Several FabManagers and young people trained at Solidarity FabLabs will share some thoughts on their experience during the broadcast, as well as their results in training young people.

The teams who have won the 2020 Solidarity FabLabs international challenge will be revealed and will give a speech live during the broadcast. 13 teams from 7 countries in Africa and Europe took part and will be online!

Elizabeth Tchoungui, Executive Director for CSR, Diversity and Solidarity at the Orange Group, looks forward to seeing everyone on 5 November at 5:30pm (CET) at and the Orange Foundation Facebook page.

See you there!