Published on 29 March 2021

30 years of commitment to people with autism spectrum disorders and their families

In 2021, the Orange Foundation crosses the milestone of 30 years of mobilization to raise awareness of autism, facilitate social integration and allow better care for people with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Since 1991, the Orange Foundation has been the only corporate foundation to make autism a focus of its patronage.

In three decades, €30 million have been provided to support more than 2,350 projects in Europe and Africa, including more than 200 research programs, 1,450 reception facilities and 24 inclusive housing initiatives. Every year, 3,500 people benefit from the support of the Orange Foundation in the autism sector.



« Since 1991, the Orange Foundation has considerably advanced the cause of autism, first in France, then in Africa. All of the projects supported over the years help ensure better care for people with autism as well as better support for their families and caregivers. I firmly believe in the potential of digital technology for these people, for their care, education and autonomy. They also have a lot to contribute to digital technology and, more broadly, to our society as a whole. This is why we wanted to take integration further by creating a specific program for the employment of high-potential autistic people with the desire to increase recruitment opportunities in digital professions. »
Elizabeth Tchoungui, Director of CSR, Diversity and Solidarity at Orange, Deputy President of the Orange Foundation.


We are aware that some parents and caregivers are not familiar with digital technology, so we also finance training in digital tools, for families, caregivers and associations.

For more than 30 years, the Orange Foundation has been at the heart of the Group’s social commitment. Many employees are committed to making digital technology a factor of equal opportunities, including for people with autism spectrum disorders. In France, this commitment is shared across the country.