Published on 26 February 2021

Our first Digital Schools in Burkina Faso!

We have opened 7 schools in total – the first of their kind in the country. The schools have just officially been opened after a long period of school closures due to Covid-19 and the recent elections (presidential and general). Almost 3,000 pupils will benefit as a result!

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Standing left to right: Haoua Touré, Nao Mariette, Jeanne Atouga (Education Mediator), Awa Bandé, Yasmine Ouédraogo, Antha Kabore
(Orange Foundation Burkina), Sieba Aboudou and Daniel Ouédraogo Crouching: The pupils of classes CM1 & CM2.


Despite a lack of books and internet connections, these schools will still be able to access fully digitised schoolbooks and graphical support material thanks to the digital kits with which they are equipped. This is a great way to give children and teachers alike the desire and the tools necessary to learn in a different way. Used by pupils under the supervision of their teachers, the offline digital material also familiarises them with the digital world, the language used in it and, of course, the use of tablets. These benefits immediately garnered support from the national education authorities.

In Burkina Faso, as in other countries in Africa and the Middle East where Orange is established, the pupils who benefit from our Digital Schools programme are in classes CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 (equivalent of UK Years 3 to 6) and attend disadvantaged primary schools. These schools are generally located on the outskirts of large cities and in rural areas of Burkina Faso.
These 7 initial Digital Schools will share their new teaching resources with 360 pupils per kit, which totals 2,750 pupils in all!
Less absenteeism, better academic results, a higher rate of pupils passing into the next grade: these are the benefits of the programme, which have already been confirmed in other countries.

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