Published on 11 January 2021

A word from our Solidarity FabLabs

There would be no Solidarity FabLabs without FabManagers. They tell us how they offer a real alternative to young people in difficulty who are searching for themselves, or who do not see themselves following the traditional path.The aim is to restore their confidence so that they can succeed in their professional lives.
We met up with some of these young people.


FabManager of the Ongola Solidarity FabLab in Yaoundé

“FabLabs are not just technical. There’s also a social element to them. We learn to live together and work as a team.”

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FabManager of the Lisungi Solidarity FabLab in Kinshasa

"What changes in the young people we see here is their perception of the future and of the world as they knew it."

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Manager of the two El Fabspace Solidarity FabLabs

"Manager of the two El Fabspace Solidarity FabLabs "

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Fab manager


FabManager of the CanLab Solidarity FabLab in Salon de Provence

“We have different types of young people who arrive at the FabLab. (...) They all take part in group solidarity projects.”

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FabManager of the Verrière Solidarity FabLab in Montreuil

“The FabLab is not a straightforward path to a profession, it’s an exploration and it helps a lot to guide young people.”

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mediator at the Cap Sciences Solidarity FabLab in Bordeaux

“We try to get them to find an academic or professional goal.”

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