Orange Solidarité

Orange Solidarity


Orange Solidarity is the Orange Foundation’s digital solidarity association whose main commitment is digital inclusion. It supports charities that are involved in education, healthcare, and social and professional integration.

Orange Solidarity relies on the skills of Orange Group employees and volunteers to support young people without qualifications, women in vulnerable situations, people with autism - all beneficiaries of the Orange Foundation programmes. It helps charities (beneficiaries, supervisors, etc.) to become proficient in using digital technology by organising training workshops (face-to-face and remote) at Orange facilities or the associations’ facilities.

Orange Solidarity


Orange Solidarity’s actions

It works to educate and train people experiencing digital exclusion, hand in hand with the Orange Foundation. Its members are Orange employees donating their skills or volunteers.
Its missions are:

  • working with early school leavers, vulnerable women or people with disabilities or autism
  • supporting associations with training workshops
  • culture, reading and music discovery programmes

The people who benefit from Orange Solidarity’s help are identified and guided by the associations supported the Orange Foundation.


The men and women at Orange Solidarity


At Orange Solidarity, volunteers and Orange employees donating their skills are involved in ad hoc missions for one or several associations that we support.
Orange Solidarity is a non-profit organisation created in 2007 and supported by Orange and the Orange Foundation. It operates throughout France.
Whoever is willing to give up some of their time and knowledge - even basic knowledge - about digital technologies to help people in difficulty are welcome at Orange Solidarity!