Employee involvement

Because the commitment of each individual is a boon to all…
The Orange Foundation encourages and promotes the active participation of Orange Group employees and pensioners in the life of the community.

Employee involvement

This commitment embodies the human aspect of Orange and promotes the Group’s values to the outside world; there are currently three possible ways to commit.


Orange volunteers give their time to support people suffering from autism or to help bridge the digital divide, but in broader terms they commit to creating or renewing social ties for people in difficulty (the young, the old, the disabled, unemployed women…).


In France, skills philanthropy

These days, hundreds of people approaching the end of their careers devote part of their time to charities that espouse the values of the Orange Foundation (Secours Populaire, Red Cross, Valentin Haüy…).
This part-time scheme for the over-fifties means that they are able to work part-time over a number of years for an association or charity while remaining employed by Orange.
Since its inception, skills based philanthropy has meant the equivalent of dozens of years of work devoted to associations; this surely makes Orange the leading skills based corporate sponsor in France.


Patronage for charitable projects proposed by employees

Since 2010, over 1,000 projects have been proposed and supported in the fields of healthcare, education and access to culture.
Thousands of Orange employees have committed, in one way or another, to demonstrating Orange Group’s community-based values.


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