Kinshasa in 3D

The 4th Solidarity FabLabs challenge!

Lisungi Fablab  -  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Eight young people aged 19 to 27 on forced breaks from their studies took part in a Solidarity FabLab to learn about digital manufacturing (modelling, electronics, cutting, printing, woodworking, and so on). Supported by an architect, they devised and developed an architectural model that is artistic yet professional and brings a city neighbourhood to life. It is the first 3D digital rendering of a part of Kinshasa city centre and it depicts urban developments and traffic conditions. The next steps are to find exhibition spaces and to work on other neighbourhoods and other cities.



The project in photos



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Since 2015, we have offered free training in our Solidarity FabLabs to young people leading difficult lives. In the FabLabs they learn digital manufacturing, teamwork and perhaps a future trade. Our international challenge is aimed at them. It allows them to use our FabLabs to develop a project from A to Z and show everything they are capable of doing today. This year, it is all about using digital technology to devise and produce creations for the worlds of fashion, design and the arts.