The Orange Foundation has sponsored vocal music for over 35 years.
Our efforts have evolved over the years in relation to societal changes, the music sector’s needs, and the Orange group’s growing footprint, which now covers 26 countries.

Supporting the professional integration of young artists

We detect and support young musical groups and assist them with their professional integration.
The Orange Foundation has discovered and supported 140 young choirs, orchestras and musical groups* in their early stages until they can make a living from their talents and establish themselves on the music scene. Most of these musical groups are now at the forefront of the scene and enjoy international recognition. 

The Foundation supports several music groups in various genres: baroque, classical, contemporary, and world music.
With its strong roots on the African continent, the Foundation has opened up to jazz and world music: Emel Matlouthi (Tunisia), Ablaye Cissoko (Senegal) , Rokia Traore (Mali), Oum (Morocco), les Mamans du Congo, BIM (Bénin), Céline Banza (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Kandy Guira (Burkina Faso), Black AD (Mali) winner of the 2022 RFI Discovery Award, and many others have benefited from our support.

The Orange Foundation helps to detect and professionally integrate young artists by encouraging Academies, Competitions, and Artistic Residencies that welcome young singers, musicians, composers, librettists, and directors looking to enter the world of work.

In 2022-2023, we are supporting:

  • Académie Philippe Jarrousky
  • Atelier lyrique de Tourcoing
  • Les Voix de l’Abbaye aux dames de Saintes
  • Voix Nouvelles lyrical contest  
  • Voix des Outre-mer
  • Les Grandes voix lyriques d’Afrique (Women of Africa).


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