Published on 19 April 2019

Making digital technology a driver of equal opportunity

All over France, the Orange Foundation helps people in difficulty to enter the digital age and achieve social and professional integration. In 2019, 50,000 of them benefit.

These two films help to promote our Digital Workshops, one of our 3 integration programmes:

10,000 digital workshops, working with the 447 ’Missions Locales’, help young unemployed people adopt a professional attitude on social media: use of social media, online CV and job searches... In this way, they learn to work together to produce a digital professional project: an online CV, or a collaborative platform, for example.

101 Women’s Digital Centres teach vulnerable women to use digital technology to access their rights, training and jobs: strengthening basic knowledge, using a computer or a tablet, training in office tools and the internet.

64 Solidarity FabLabs contributing to the future of unemployed, young school dropouts. These young people are trained in digital production and teamwork and can discover a vocation for the professions of the future.

Making digital technology a driver of equal opportunity is the primary mission of the Orange Foundation, which thus contributes to the social commitment of the Orange Group.