Published on 02 March 2020

The first Women’s Digital Centres in Moldova

In Moldova, 2020 saw the creation of the first three Women’s Digital Centres in the country. Like in the 24 countries where we deploy this programme, the aim is always to train women who are facing difficulties, so that they can develop their digital and entrepreneurial skills and become able to launch, manage and promote their small businesses.




Each of the three charities providing the training in these three centres is receiving a subsidy of 103,000 lei (around 5,200 euros) as well as digital equipment.

These partner NGOs were chosen through a competition organised by the University Information Centre with support from the Orange Foundation Moldova.
They are:

  • The children and young people’s charity ‘FĂCLIA’ in Ungheni,
  • The NGO regional assistance and information centre ‘CONTACT’ in Cahul
  • The social and economic policy centre ‘CONSENS’ in Sângerei.

In Ungheni, Cahul and Sângerei, Digital Centres will be created and benefit around 600 women and young people aged 18 to 45.