Schools in the Villages

An Orange Village is "a water point, a healthcare centre, a school." Education for girls, digital schools… Education plays a vital role in our minds. In the most remote villages in Africa and Eastern Europe, schools are fundamental. The futures of all the Village children are determined by access to education.



Here at the Foundation, we are convinced that digital technologies represent a motor for development and a means of imagining new innovative strategies for solidarity in all countries. We already support education centres in the countries in which we are present with the digital schools. But digital technologies cannot solve everything. That is why, so long as large numbers of people do not have access to basic facilities, we will devise solutions such as Orange Villages.

Schools represent the backbone of our Villages programme. Given that, in many countries in which we are active, improving access to education for girls is about changing mentalities, we are building facilities to bring an end to this exclusion by overcoming physical and psychological barriers: separate toilets to provide privacy, but also real schools, healthcare centre, and water points to relieve girls from the duty of fetching water and allowing them to attend school, like their brothers.

Growing numbers of boys and girls at the Orange Village schools.

Several years after setting up the Villages programme, although much remains to be done, we are delighted to announce positive results. The Village schools are attracting more and more students. Currently, 100 villages in 11 countries benefit over 500,000 people.