30 years, an overview

30 years of musical patronage…
For 30 years, we have been seeking out young singing talent, and supporting these singers throughout their development.
We also fund initiatives to widen access to classical music, such as live-streaming operas in open-air cinemas, for which we are the leading sponsor.

...and much more to fight against any form of exclusion: digital education is now our priority.

In our 118 Digital Centres and 60 Solidarity FabLabs in France and internationally, we support young people struggling at school and women in need. We offer them training deigned to improve their job opportunities, with the support of 8,000 Orange volunteers.

Digital technologies also provide tools for supporting and improving the quality of life of people with autism, with whom we have been working for almost 30 years.

These tools represent new opportunities for the future of millions of people, some of whom you will meet in these portraits.

Simon-Pierre Bestion

Simon-Pierre conducted La Tempête ensemble at the Nuit de la Voix 2016.
La Tempête offers the audience an “experience” in each of its concerts. The musicians are the “tools” in an approach based on movement, be it spatial, staged or choreographed. We have been supporting this ensemble since 2015.

Lena chamamyan

Lena Chamamyan will be on stage at Nuit de la Voix 2017.

She combines classical and popular musical traditions with influences from the Arab world, Armenia and the West. It is a unique style, characteristic of her first albums.


Festivals and Academies

Festivals act as springboards for artists, opportunities to discover what’s new for audiences, and an extraordinary means of widening access to culture more generally. Every year, the Orange Foundation supports around twenty festivals throughout France 

Actively supporting people with autism

Concrete projects to improve social inclusion and inclusion at work to enable people with autism to achieve their full potential.

Le Concert de la Loge

Le Concert de la Loge performs a range of chamber and symphony music, and singers, led by a violinist or a conductor. It presents a wide repertoire, with operas, symphonies, religious music, and chamber music from the Baroque period to the early twentieth century.

We have been supporting this ensemble since 2015.


A child with autism.
For over 25 years, we have been working in the field of autism with over 2,500 projects aimed at supporting people with autism and their families.

The Women's Digital Centre in Antanarivo

The centre opened in 2015. It offers support to women in need who want to develop skills to become more autonomous.

60 Solidarity FabLabs

Here, at La Friche in Marseille.

Alongside our not-for-profit partners, we organise digital education programmes based on hands-on, practical activities and sharing. These are aimed at young people aged 12-25 struggling with traditional educational structures.



Working for the future of young people

Giving hope to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are struggling at school, and preparing them for the careers of tomorrow.

The Lumibag project team

At the Coh@bit FabLab in Bordeaux, Julien, Keinas and Antoine took part in the design and production phases of the project during the “I make 4 my city” challenge.

Solidarity FabLab in Orléans

We support 38 Solidarity FabLabs throughout France.


Sébastien is one of 8,000 Orange employees worldwide who volunteer on a regular basis.

Women's Digital Centres

As of January 2017, there are 118 Digital Centres worldwide, and over 8,000 women have received access to training! The objective is to enable women to become more autonomous by giving them access to digital tools.

500 Digital Schools

Over 130,000 children have access to essential digital content thanks to our digital education packs for the most disadvantaged schools in Africa. Our Orange volunteers offer training and technical support to teachers and pupils.

Over 250,000 people!

We have built over 55 Orange Villages in Africa. Over 250,000 people have seen improvements in their day-to-day life with a school, access to drinking water, and a health centre.

Maternal health

We are implementing actions to improve healthcare for mothers and children in nine countries. In this way we have been able to offer healthcare to 175,000 mothers and children under the age of 5.

In Madagascar...

The villages programme improves quality of life for children: building schools, but also healthcare centres and providing access to drinking water in each village, to keep families close to the school.        

Taking action for women’s empowerment
Giving (back) economic empowerment to unemployed women in Europe and Africa.
Access to drinking water, a healthcare centre, a school!

We build these facilities in Orange Villages to improve access to education and healthcare in remote parts of Africa.

Young people from the Trojmiasto FabLab in Poland

The Solidarity FabLabs programme is active in 11 countries: Spain, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Madagascar and France. The programme will offer training to 8,000 young people in 2017.


Digital technology training courses in under-privileged areas

The “Together for Youth integration” programme aims to improve young people's employment prospects through the use of digital technology. This year, in France, 8,000 young people will receive training.

Philippe Jaroussky

The famous countertenor will be performing at Nuit de la Voix. We have been involved with Philippe Jaroussky for many years - we supported the development of his first album in 1999.

The FabLab in Amiens: a space for meeting and learning

“La Machinerie” Solidarity FabLab works alongside the Picardie Regional Centre for the Integration of Young People (CRIJ) to introduce under-privileged young people to new digital careers.

Digital solidarity: a reality in Madagascar

Our digital programmes are being rolled out on a major scale in Madagascar. There are currently 30 digital schools in the country, and soon another 28 new buildings will be opening. In addition, the Digital Centre and Solidarity FabLab programmes are also active in the country.

Solidarity FabLabs

Giving hope to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are struggling at school, and preparing them for the careers of tomorrow. Here, the team at the Vélolab project in Marseille.